We Are Gym Starllion

Gym Starllion Health and Fitness Club is the premier health and fitness centre in Edo State and one of the largest in Nigeria. We are passionate about transforming lives through our unique 180 degrees approach to health and fitness.

We provide a balanced fusion of unadulterated fitness services just like the star; we bring self-fulfillment and advancement to your fitness and health goals. We will stop at nothing to be that turning point or bring about that big change that you seek. Like the lion, we are poised to provide you with the courage, power, strength, and wisdom you require to stay on top your fitness goals and live every day in dominance and pride. Like a stallion, we provide you with the freedom to be who you want to be, open you up to a whole new horizon and move you up ahead into that future that you envisage. We believe that you can make every day great. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to do just that.

Our Vission

To provide the most inclusive, fulfilling and rewarding fitness membership experience for our customers.

Our Mission

To create the perfect blend of fitness, fun and flavor for our customers, thus making every gym visit exceptional.

Our Values - “STEAM”

Steam purifies and provides energy to drive various machines. We expect our employees to provide services that reflect these values and become the steam that drives our business to profitability and perfection.

Simplicity– We want to make the fitness experience easy and uncomplicated. Provide SMART ways of achieving health and fitness goals.

Timeliness – We know that your fitness goals are time-bound. We want to help you get to that finish line when you wish to. We would always strive to provide quality services in a timely manner, ensuring that we make eye and verbal contacts with our customers within 60seconds of coming into our work space.

Engaging – We want to provide you with an unadulterated access to network with great individuals from various backgrounds and enjoy fitness activities either as families or organizations.

Altruistic– We would go the extra mile to ensure your total wellbeing. Provide services that reflect selflessness and a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Memorable – We want to leave our customers with memories that would last until their next visit. We want our people to create positive imageries in the minds of the customer through their look, attitude and words. We would never forget to thank you with an unforgettable smile.

We Are Family-Centric

At Gym Starllion, we understand that fitness transcends exercises. That’s the reason for our hybrid approach that combines diet, lifestyle and fitness to attain the body of your dream. We are not just fitness fanatics; we are health and fitness professionals. The best you can get across the nation.

We provide a family friendly facility that caters for all member of the family irrespective of their age, sex or preferences. From the Senjun’s Playpen; a well-furnished play-pen for children with lots of games and activities to occupy them while you work-out, to the Debut Athlete Centre; an out-door FIFA standard artificial turf sport centre for football, volleyball and other outdoor sports activities to the Blustocking Tranquility and Spa, AC the Bull Restaurant Bar and Grill; our astounding culinary centre, a specialize restaurant that provides healthy drinks and meals to aid your fitness goals,and Starletics Fitness Essentials for those looking for quality gym wears, products, equipment and gym related supplies, Gymstarllion never compromises on quality. In all, we offer top-class facilities for your perfect relaxation, and off-course we are in a class of our own.

Our firm belief that health is wealth and fitness habits enriches lives is the reason we have provided unfettered access to world-class health and fitness services right in the heart of Benin city.